Friday, September 16, 2011

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When you go kayaking on the ocean it is very important to bring safety gear should something go wrong. Many kayakers leave-out one or two items that could be absolutely critical if they get in a jam. This can happen especially in the case of experienced kayakers that assume, “it will never happen to me.”

I feel it’s a lot like riding a bike. You don’t necessarily wear a helmet because you think you will crash. You wear a helmet because other people could hit you or you could go over an unexpected bump. The same is true with kayaking, when you’re on the ocean you never know what could happen, so you want to be prepared for everything.

Some of the critical safety gear to bring sea kayaking are things like: a tow line, pump, whistle, spare paddle, and of course water – never forget fresh water! Below is a great short video highlighting some of the essential sea kayaking safety gear, enjoy!

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