Friday, September 30, 2011

KAYAKING: Ellis Reservior #4 "The Driftwood Series" Sept30-2011


"The Driftwood Series"
If you are planning a paddle on this lake/reservior  I would say the best time to paddle it would be Spring or Summer before they begin draining the reservior. The water was quite shallow on the East side especially. Many sandbars showing and dead-fall all over. When the water is high there are islands that can be paddled around.
City Of Penticton worker we talked to there told us this reservior water-level is quite low and we might enjoy paddling Reservior #2 instead, as the water is still quite high there. I don't know where Reservior #2 is but may have to see if we can find a locate on it sometime. He also told us this Reservior (#4) is for the orchards in the area and #2 is for drinking water.

Kayakers: Kathy McA and Guy Hoffman
See previous post of Ellis Reservior (#4) for map details etc.
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