Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh.. deer, let me grab my Blackberry! Getting ready for our Rattlesnake Is. kayaking trip tomorrow.

While at work fixing underground irrigation lines... Walking up a path I met a friendly face and she waited for me to grab my Blackberry and walk closer and snap a pic. BTW great weather here in Penticton =)


Getting ready for our kayak trip to Rattlesnake Island in the morning. Had finally went thru my 2+ year old Keen sandals today so had to purchase another pair. Have my new to me, water-filter so I can cut back on my weight on our trip, normally carried 2+ gallons of drinking water with me. Was gifted some freeze-dried food from my dad as backup food if anything goes wrong, always good to be prepared, my dad always said when I was a kid "always prepare for the worse and hope for the best", good words to live by. New waterproof Dry Bags are ready for the adventure. Be prepared for some up coming photos.. hmm better get some backup batteries too.. have to go for now!


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