Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lakes are my playground, my gym, and my favorite place to relax..

"Lakes are my playground, my gym, and my favorite place to relax.."

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From I "Heart" Canada Day! written in the clouds while kayaking today

I love to kayak and explore & camp on secluded remote, boat access beaches, watching the sunset and sunrise, sitting by the campfire sipping espresso after a nice day of kayaking. I enjoy life simple and free. I like sharing photos of where I have been of things I have seen, on my blogs. I am somewhat of a naturist, I love nature and being in it as often as possible. I am a poor man with a rich love for nature and it's natural beauty and I am somewhat passionate about kayaking as you may have seen in my blogs.

From NovemberICE-WM

Lakes are my gym, and my favorite place to relax. My backdoor leads to my adventure playground, the Okanagan Valley and it's many lakes and landscapes to paddle and explore. I find the little things in life amazing like how a tree can grow out of a crack in a rock. The natural beauty in this area is increadable.

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If you kayak and come into my area (the Okanagan Valley) and want to get together for a paddle feel free to use my contact info and contact me. Guy Hoffman ( aka: GuyThaLizard, KAYAKokanagan )


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