Sunday, July 17, 2011

KAYAKING: Indian Rock to Rattlesnake Island July 16-17th 2011 Triplog

Indian Rock to Commando Bay was awesome was mostly sunny but we saw this dark cloud over Penticton, behind us. We figured a little rain was heading our way. We can handle a little rain, no problem. We continued on and stopped for a nice break then proceeded toward Rattlesnake Island. We were coming up to Squally Point when the wind began to pick up but wasn't too bad then... it got crazy thru squally point we were in the sunshine and this dark mass was chasing us from Penticton it caught us just before squally and gave us a free ride, blew our hats off and it was all we could do to steer the kayaks into the right direction, the waves propelling us like riding on a fast moving river with no where to turn. WHAT A BLAST IT WAS! the wind was absolutely incredible! the cold rain that came with it felt like hail and was almost completely sideways as it pelted us.  Robin looked positively frightened, i stuck close to him and guided him thru and around the point of Squally. We tucked into the bay right after where the wind was somewhat calmer and tried to decide to continue on or wait, or camp right there. The rain was coming down and the temperature must have dropped at least 10 degrees. If we stayed on that ride we would have been propelled straight to Rattlesnake Island judging by the direction of the wind and whitecap waves rolling but I was afraid we would have ended up on the shore of Peachland if we continued and in a very short time. I wish I had my GPS closer  would have been great to see our speed but couldn't even reach for anything at that point. The wind would have blasted our paddles out of our hands if we were to loosen our grip so we just held on and dipped our paddles on each side to redirect our kayaks. Video ran out of memory about half way thru the ride thru Squally but you will see that portion in Part 1 of the video. The rest of the trip was no problem and had an awesome sunset Saturday Night to enjoy. Here are some shots of the trip.

I have Part 1 and 2 videos created and am in the process of converting them down to mobile quality because they are too large for upload to youtube. will have them available as soon as possible

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