Sunday, May 8, 2011

Waterproof Camera and ready for Kayaking!

My new waterproof camera.

I decided to buy a relativly inexpensive waterproof camera for my
kayaking trips as I am going thru too many cellphones taking on water

Pictured here is my "Kodak Easyshare Sport" Waterproof Camera. It will
take 12MP photos and is waterproof to 3.0 Meters. It will also record
video though not HD it will do untill I get a GoPro ;-) The camera has
the standard tripod mount hole on the bottom so I am looking at ways
to mount the camera to my kayak while paddling. Unfortunatly it
doesn't have Geo-Tagging I will have to add the GPS coordinates as I
blog when needed.

This camera uses AA batteries and a standerd SD card. I am using a
Mini-SD card with an adapter to use my old cellphone 4GB mini-SD card.
The great thing with AA batteries is I can charge them easily with my
AA battery solar charger while on a kayak trip and slip the mini-SD
card into my Blackberry Curve 8310 and post them to my blog via email
post as usual. I am looking forward to seeing how my new photos turn
out, so watch for my new photos as I go and leave me a comment to let
me know how they look!


Have a great day and happy paddling to you!

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