Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Peaceful Paddle"


This shot is just North of 3mile Beach on Okanagan Lake.

My "Paddle-Drip-Shield" worked awesome!! The kayak was dry inside and had no bailing at all. :-) worked perfect! Now Robin wants me to make him one for his kayak too.
Thinking snaps would be handy too rather than the red straps that secure the shield in place. It would also force the plastic shield into a perfect arch to redirect the water and be quicker to mount. Some other advantages to snaps would be a person could quickly unsnap one side to get at gear and quickly snap it back into position when finished. Another advantage would be in the event of flipping your kayak the snap mounted shield would unsnap easily to allow for a quick exit.

Well we are having awesome weather here on Okanagan Lake this morning almost don't want to return.

Have a great day!


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