Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rattlesnake Island 2day Kayak Trip April 23 - 24


( Photo: My kayak partner Robin Dunham testing out his new kayak he just purchased. Nice tandem Pelican single hole cockpit means loads of room for gear.)

It takes me about 7 hours (+-) "paddle time" from Penticton to and from the island (That's paddling time not including stops). Following the East shoreline of Okanagan Lake. I make stops and am not in a hurry. -APRIL 2011 RATTLESNAKE ISLAND 2 day Kayak Trip-

This is my plan for Rattlesnake Island
Leaving from Penticton Marina put-in. *Penticton at MARINA WAY PUT-IN N49 30.292 W119 35.255 LEAVING: Saturday April 23 2011
Time: 9:00am approx.
Lunch at Commando Bay
ARRIVE at Rattlesnake Is. At supper time (6pm +-)
*Rattlesnake Island N49 44.882 W119 43.030 "Camp on the Island"
LEAVE for Penticton on Sunday in the morning. ARRIVE in Penticton Sunday at about 6pm at the Marina.
NOTE: If anyone is interested in joining us you need your own kayak and gear, food etc. We are not a guide or a company. Just friends who like to paddle together. :) you are welcome to join us on our paddle trip.

PRICE: $0.00

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