Monday, April 18, 2011

My New KAYAK Wheels!

Well, much cheaper and better for the environment than insuring my car
and buying fuel just to take my kayak 2 blocks to the lake and back
this makes a lot of "cents" ;-) and speaking of "cents" these wheels
are only priced at $99.99 it sure beats insurance on the car and gas
when I dont even use the car to get to and from work at any of my
jobs. I picked up my new kayak wheels from Canadian Tire today after
work and had them inflated and strapped on the kayak in less than 5

Here are some shots.

The wheels inflate with a bike pump in a matter of seconds. The
construction is of aluminum with a kick-stand and an adjustable strap
with hooks. The wheels are quick-release.This lightweight carrier will
carry a max weight of 200lbs. So you don't want to ride down any hills
on top of it. :)

The box has a website for more info
The Brandname is ShoreLine Marine.

Now I sit with my kayak in my living-room so I can figure out exactly
what I want to take on my kayak trip to Rattlesnake Island on the
23rd. Next up is to figure out how I want to string a water-proof tarp
over my gear in the event that it may rain. Best to do this when I am
not in a rush at the last moment of a sudden shower, after all, it is
April. ;-) and we may get some rain and if I can cut down on some of
the water getting in my boat that would make for a more enjoyable

(if there are any spelling errors my appologies as this "old-school"
computer I am using has no spell check, not even in the web browser..
LOL but I can still email my blog post so I am happy :D LOL)

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