Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kayaking: Rattlesnake Island April 23-24 2011

Robin and I left the Marina on Okanagan Lake Penticton on schedule at 8am. Calm waters most all the way to Lake Breeze Winery area. Robin's kayak was taking on water through the skeg control rope. so he had to bail his kayak quite often. Rather than continuing to Indian Rock as planned Robin phoned for a ride back to town. I continued on my journey. Just after Naramata the south wind picked up bringing with it white caps and sewlls up to 2'. I continued on further away from the rock cliffs since the turbulence was quite bad near the cliff edges. 

Squally Point was the turbulence was not so good water splashing over the edge of the kayak. I continued to RSI with no where to stop for a break. My arms were beginning to cramp due to lack of water. No safe spot to stop to grab a drink. "Grin and bare it". As soon as I got past Squally, it was like there was a light switch. The water was suddenly calm. The rest of the paddle to the Island was quite pleasurable. I arrived at the Island at about 4pm. Dried out my gear with the sunshine. What a beautiful day for a paddle! The wind was whistling on the mainland on Okanagan Lake Provincial Park across the lake.



Weather radio forecasts -4c for the night. The wind on the South end of the lake was quite unbearable and didn't show signs of letting up any time soon so after investigating the other side of the island I relocated my camp to the North shore.While at camp I was in the calm though I couls hear the trees whistling at the top of the mountain from the south wind blowing over. After supper headed to the sack just after dusk.

Sunday morning 5:45am wide awake and ready to go! The wind had calmed and was just a lite breeze from the West , so I decided to get paddling before the wind picks up.Squally point was calm on the return trip. I pressed on till I got to Indian Rock where I stopped for a quick snak and more water.


Stopped for lunch or guess you could say brunch, at Three Mile Beach, one hour away from Penticton (normal paddle time). The paddling to Three Mile was calm. After lunch I hit a strong head wind from the South, The gusts left me paddling in one place a couple times. Finally arived at Penticton Marina at just before 3pm.


Hope you liked the shots. I had to use the old Fiji camera, Blackberry still non-functional at this time.


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