Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kayaking: Green Transportation for your kayak!

As Kayaking becomes more popular in my area the local stores are getting in more equipment and gadgets. I spotted these kayak transport wheels at a local store for a great price too. If you live a couple blocks from the lake something like this would save $ on transporting your kayak to the lake and give you a great all around workout too ;-)


Also the store has stocked up on many waterproof/resistant boxes and bags for your gear. I also noticed they have more camp cots in too that collapse into a bag that can easily fit into the nose of a kayak (well in my size kayak) for under $60.00. Nice thing about using a cot I find, is that almost any spot is a camping spot since you can put a camp cot over shale and rocks and sleep comfortably above them. I have also seen a great looking hammock with mosquito netting sides, waterproof top and fiberglass poles like on a dome-tent to keep the top away from your body. This hammock can also be placed on top of a cot or right on the ground similar to a bivi-sack.


Picture below is my bivi-sack on my cot.


Yup that’s right “Bivi-Sack”. This is my tent while kayaking and camping. Handy sack for my sleeping bag. Has a mosquito netting to keep the bugs out and Gore-Tex waterproof top and Nylon bottom. Works great in the rain-forest for keeping me dry. When kayak camping I place it on top of my folding camp cot and throw my sleeping bag in and I am set. The “Bivi-Sack” ways 1lb by it self and will fold to the size of a block of butter and came with a bag. TOO COOL! If you ever need something lightweight and compact this type of sack will do well. I have used it in the rain-forest on Vancouver island while hiking the West-Coast Trail 20 years ago and it still serves me well. I have also used it while sleeping in a snow cave in the winter on top of Apex Mountain. Won’t go camping without it.


Have a great day and get ready, I'm planning to paddle to Rattlesnake Island end of April 2011 see previous post for details if you are looking to join me.



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