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Kayaking | Okanagan Bike Rental


May 25th, 2009

Okanagan Valley Kayaking  Okanagan lake is a great place to kayak whether you are a beginner or an intermediate kayaker. The Okanagan Valley with its warm summer temperatures allow for perfect Kayaking conditions. FC Penticton’s Okanagan Lake Kyayks-Rentals and self-Guided Tours located at 1070 lakeshore Drive Penticton have two different styles of Kayaks to offer you. The ocean kayak sit on top  model or the kyook sit in model. Singe or double kayaks. We are located across the street from the SS Sicamouse Steam wheeler at the foot of Okanagan Lake. From here you can head out along the shores of Okanagan Lake towards the marina and up the East side of the lake where it is quiet and scenic. A little ways along you will come across 3 mile beach there they have a bathroom facility and a small beach. Further along there are many secluded sandy beaches where you could stop and have a picnic. If you are looking to camp Okanagan park offers a campground. We at FC hope you enjoy your kayaking adventures on Okanagan Lake and who knows maybe you will have a once in a life-time chance of meeting Ogopogo - We can be contacted at 250-462-1151 for reservations or by e-mail at BRIANSTEWART@LIVE.CA Thank you and

Enjoy your Kayak  Adventure
in the Okanagan Kayaking

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