Friday, March 18, 2011

Kayak Trip Plans April 2011


I am planning a trip to Rattlesnake Island N49 44.882 W119 43.030 I have booked the last 2 weeks in April 2011 off at my night job. My plan is the leave on April 22nd return on the 24th of April. Fyi: I have also booked July 2011 off vacation at same job for kayaking trips. If anyone wants to get together for a paddle. Others Interested in grabbing their kayak and gear etc and joining me please let me know.
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I plan to leave the Penticton at MARINA WAY PUT-IN N49 30.292 W119 35.255 and paddle along the East shoreline of Okanagan Lake to the island (approx 7 Hours each way) not a race going at a relaxed pace. There are many camp areas along the way and lots of great spots to stop for breaks. Not sure on an exact launch time as of yet. If you are interested contact me and we can work out details as the day approaches. ~Guy

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