Monday, February 21, 2011

ÜberSocial formally UberTwitter is back & running!

ÜberSocial formally UberTwitter is back & running!

For those who were lost without it when Twitter shut them down due to rules/regulations set by Twitter.

ÜberTwitter did the necessary adjustments needed to comply and have now, also have a name change. They are now "ÜberSocial".

The version at time of this post is 1.175 if you updated your ÜberSocial as soon as you were able to you on Sunday you may want to check your version. As yesterday's version didn't have the "Send To" function in the Blackberry web browser. The latest version (1.175) does have it now.

"See you on the new ÜberSocial!" ~Guy

Here is the link below:

Or go to for your iPhone and PC version.

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