Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Canoe or Kayak? - Top 10 Reasons Canoes are Better Than Kayaks

While the relationship between canoeists and kayakers is generally copasetic, there is an unspoken superiority that each group usually feels over the other. It is similar to the sentiment between the skiers and snowboards that share a mountain. Both enjoy a level of camaraderie that comes from doing a common activity, both feel that they are doing it better than the other.

To add to the fray, here is a list of the benefits of paddling a canoe over a kayak. Please bear in mind these are generalizations and do not hold true under all conditions. On average, these simply represent the assumptions of canoes over kayaks. If you are a true blue kayaker and take umbrage at anything listed here, please see the Top 10 Reasons Kayaks are Better Than Canoes.

  1. Canoes have more room for gear.
  2. Canoes are more stable.
  3. It is easier to adjust seating positions in canoes.
  4. Canoes can be more comfortable
  5. You can stand up in a canoe.
  6. Canoes keep you dryer when there is water in the boat.
  7. You have a better view from a canoe.
  8. Canoes are easier to get in and out of.
  9. It's more natural to have two people in a canoe than in a tandem kayak.
  10. It's an art to paddle with one blade and water doesn't run down the shaft into your lap.

"Top 10 Reasons Canoes are Better Than Kayaks
Canoe or Kayak? You Decide. By George Sayour, Guide"

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