Saturday, January 29, 2011

MyGearBasics List (Kayak Camping)

Gear Basics

Some basic gear that I use while kayak camping and day trips. Not including the normal kayak safety equipment ie: lifejacket, bailing device, whistle and rope.

This is my Basics list that I build from as the trip requires.

  • GPS (Garmin eTrex Venture CX)
  • Cellphone (Blackberry Torch)
  • Camp stove
  • Hunting knife, folding saw  & hatchet
  • Drinking water
  • Shelter (Bivi-Sack, folding camp cot & sleeping bag)
  • Firestarter (magnesium)
  • Waterproof stuff sacks (for sleeping bag, clothing, food & gear)
  • Waterproof boxes (I use transparent top boxes so my solar devices can charge while I paddle)
  • Cooler ( I use frozen drinking water as freezer-packs rather than those blue freezer-packs. Think dual purpose)
  • Easy food (like hot-dogs, kraft dinner, bannock can be cooked on a stove as well as a open campfire)

I try to think about multipurpose items ie: I wear a leather hat that also doubles as a bailing device. I also like to keep a Leatherman multipurpose tool with my gear. I freeze my drinking water and use it as a cold pack in my cooler and as it thaws I have cold water when I need it.

This is only my basics list and only to help trigger your mind on what you might like to bring on your kayaking trips.


Hope some of you find my Gear Basics List useful.



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