Sunday, January 16, 2011

"No firewood!" Outdoor cooking fire without "firewood".

Outdoor Cooking Fire (no "firewood")

I was out kayaking with some friends and we paddled to a great secluded beach. Once we arrived we were wanting to build a fire to cook our smokies for lunch.
One of my friends said "there is no firewood" As we looked for wood to build the fire there wasn't even any dead branches lying around. So I quickly began gathering pine needles and pine cones. My friends wondered what I was doing. The pine needles has chemicals that are used in making Turpentine and catch fire quickly even when green (That's where you see the popping flair ups when they burn). So with a large pile of pine needles and pine cones we built a very hot and clean smoke fire with great coals from the pine cones and we were able to easily cook our smokies and have a relaxing lunch. After years of fighting forest fires in the Okanagan Valley you can learn a lot about how easily a fire can start and continue to burn. So if there is "no firewood" look again because most people don't look at pine needles and cones as firewood. Also keep a magnesium fire starter with your kayaking gear it's waterproof and can start a fire quite quickly.


Some Fire Starting equipment I always like to have with me are..

*Magnesium firestarter

*Serrated folding knife (to scrape the flint on the Magnesium Fire starter)

*Toilet paper (a little TP makes a good dry starter)

Have a great day!
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