Monday, January 10, 2011

Blog Talk: "The Naked Kayaker" Blog (NOTE: safe for those with Gymnophobia)

Blog Talk: "The Naked Kayaker"

I always like to explore other kayak enthusiasts photos and stories of their kayaking excursions and I came across this blog ( the other day.

I found it to be quite an interesting kayaking blog with excellent photos, maps and stories about kayaking, by a young lady named Nena, so I thought I would share the link with you.

Also the blog name has a nice ring to it too! ;-) but dont worry it is safe for family viewing and those with Gymnophobia need not worry either.


Guy (aka: GuyThaLizard)

Who is this 'naked' kayaker? 
Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm Nena (Nay-nuh), and I am completely in love with kayaking... MORE: Who is "The Naked Kayaker"


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